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Before, during and after sales service (for Chinese customers)


Subject Contents
1 Technical Training Guidance We are responsible for installation and
commissioning, we provide free training for operating and maintenance
personnel as well as instruction at regular shift, until operators can
grasp how to run it completely and provide free reception for users who
come to our company to receive before & after service training or
other aspects.
2 ① After-Sale Services
② Service Network and Resource
If a sold machine pr production line fails
for its own quality reason, we will arrive at the site within 24 hours
to provide free maintenance service. We will send people to station in
order to assist production, and promise to finish undertaking timely and
exactly. Our company have set up 7 sites of after-sale services so that
we can provide service at site timely
3 warranty Period The warranty period of equipment is 12
months; Our company will provide continuously all life free maintenance
after warranty period. Only costs are charged if need to replace spare
parts. Our professional after-sale service personnel will arrive the
sites after we received user’s message
4 Accessories reserved and modes of supply” Our company have spare parts in stock all
the time, we can choose postal express, china railway express, air
carrier and highway dispatching as user’s requirement. An urgent express
can arrive your company at the soonest within 24 hours
5 Regular return visit, day-to-day information communication Our technical will pay a return visit
regularly to maintain and remind of and guide local people how to
maintain the equipment by telephone or message. The general cycle is for
6 Technical upgrading service Our company provide free upgrade software
version, If it’s necessary to modify PLC program or other computer
programs according to user’s special requirements or technical changes,
our company is responsible for the modification. This kind software is
usually exempted.

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