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  • Product Name: Double spindle CNC plate drilling machine
  • Product Model:CDMP2016S
  • Applicable Industry:

Product feature

  1. Whole machine has optimized integrated design with two work position and four working
    zones. Drilling, loading and unloading can be synchronously. Double spindle can
    work at the same time, realized high efficiency, large quantities of automatic

  2. Plate type lathe bed and reinforced beams, through full artificial aging treatment,
    ensure high rigidity. Double screw on X axis drive synchronously, which ensure
    high stability and high precision drilling.

  3. The combination of galvanized pipe and the inserting connector, ensure hydraulic no
    leakage. The special designed shield, ensure effective circulation of the cooling

  4. The group of PLC as the control core, equipped with host computer to complete the
    real-time monitoring, remote diagnosis, etc; Programming software can be
    realized intelligent CAD/CAM automatic conversion. simple operation, applicable

  5. In order to ensure the equipment running accuracy, reliability and stability, all
    the key components of transmission system, electrical system and hydraulic
    system are from international famous brand.

Product Basic Parameter

Processing Work Pieces

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